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152. Forms of processes

The forms of various processes to be issued by any authority in exercise of its powers under subsection (1) of section 94 shall be those given in Schedule V and may be modified or altered by such authority according to exigency.

153. Public documents

The following documents shall be created as public documents.

(a) The Registration Register.

(b) The Registration certificate of a society.

(c) The registered bye-laws of the society including registered amendments.

(d) Any order cancelling the registration of the Society.

(e) Annual accounts of the Society as audited by the Registrar.

(f) Any decision of the Registrar or award of the Arbitrator.

Without prejudice to the provisions of section123, 124, 128 and 131 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, all the public documents shall be open to inspection by any member of the public on payment of a fee of RS.I/- for each occasion for any lawful purpose.

154. Special rule

1. Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the procedure laid down in this rule shall apply to a society in which either shares have been subscribed by the Government or liability by way of guarantee for borrowing exceeding fifty per cent of the working capital of the society has been undertaken by the Government.

Provided that it shall not be incumbent upon such a society to follow the procedure laid down in clauses (i) and (ii) if its working capital does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000 or it does not have another co-operative society as its member.

2. (i) Notice of all general body meetings «hall be given to the Registrar, the Registrar may, of his own motionor on a reference made to him, declare the proceedings of the general meetings as invalid, if he is satisfied that the meeting was held without proper notice or without all the members not having received the notice for the meeting or if the meeting was not. conducted at the appropriate place and time.

(ii) No matter shall, except with the permission or direction or directions of the Registrar be considered either in a meeting of a general body or committee or in a meeting of any smaller body set up if the agenda of which is not circulated to all members at least fifteen clear days or seven days in advance, respectively.

(iii) Should a difference of opinion in respect of any matter arise between a nominated members of the committee and other members thereof, the opinion of the nominated members shall be recorded in the minutes of the proceedings of the meeting in the words of the nominated members and the proceedings shall also be got signed from the nominated member. The Chairman, shall, as soon as possible, make a reference to the Lt. Governor and if no reference is made within seven days of the date of the meeting, the Registrar may, on receipt of a report from a nominated members make a reference to the, Lt. Governor for getting his decision which shall be final on the issue on which difference of opinion was so recorded.

3. In a society in which shares have been subscribed by the Government, the Registrar may, after such inquiry as he may deem fit and after giving the person concerned a reasonable opportunity of showing cause, remove any member of the committee who has been guilty of any act or omission resulting in financial loss to the society.

155. Power to exempt from rules

The Lt. Governor may, by general or special order, exempt any society or any class of societies from any of the provisions of these rules or may direct that such provisions shall apply to such society or class of societies with such modifications and/or conditions as may be specified in the order.

156. Financing bank to render banking services

1. The financing Bank shall render free of charge such banking services to the Registrar as he may require to carry our the purposes of the Act and the Rules.

2. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing sub-rule (1), the Financing Bank shall render the following services to the Registrar, namely:

(a) maintenance of “Audit Fee Recovery Fund” in which all receipts and payments on account of audit fee leviable under the rules shall be booked;

(b) maintenance of "Settlement and execution Expenses Fee Fund" in which all receipts relating to the fees leviable under the rules for settlement of disputes and execution of decrees, and payment from the Fund shall be recorded:

(c) current account to be opened in the name of societies under liquidation to be operated upon by the liquidator;

(d) current account of the Recovery Officer for temporary credit of dues on account and payment to decree-holder;

(e) current account of the Registrar relating to surplus funds of society whose registration has j)««n cancelled. This account, shall be called 'Registrar Co-operative Societing Liquidation Account:

(f) Registrar Co-operative Societies suspense Account for keeping amount of unclaimed amounts from the assets of society under liquidation; and

(g) Suspense Accounts of Societies under registration.

3. All the above funds shall be administered by the Registrar in a accordance with the Regulations contained in Scheduled IV.

4. The Financing Bank would have no claim over the amount standing to the credit of the above accounts and funds from time to time. The Registrar may, however, allow in his discretion some service charges.

5. All cheques deposited for credited to various funds and accounts referred to above shall be cleared through the Clearing House and proceeds thereof credited to various funds and accounts. Financing Bank shall issue pass books separately for each fund and account and shall supply the information of the transactions as may be required by the Registrar.

6. The provisions of this rule shall apply to all funds held by the Financing Bank at the commencement of these rules relating to deposits held by it under the above heads.

157. Removal of Doubt.

If any doubt arises as to the interpretation of any of the provisions of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Lt. Governor or such other officer as may be specified by the Lt. Governor by a general or special order in this behalf, and the Lt. Governor or such other officer shall decide the same.

158. Repeal

The Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules, 1950 are hereby repealed.

Provided that any action taken, order issued, bye-laws made under the provisions of the rules hereby repealed shall, in so far as it is not in-consistent with the provisions of these-rules, be deemed to have been taken, issued or made under the provisions of these rules.

By Order,
L.R.K. Prasad,
Special Secretary.

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