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Attention Property Tax Payers ofGroup Housing Societies &Ex- Serviceman

Date: 4-1-2002

For Group Housing Societies

The MCD has announced the extra rebate of 15% in addition to 20% rebate on timely payment w.e.f 2000-01 to the individual prop./flat owners of group housing societies / Apartments, who are maintaining their internal service themselves, provided that the flat/ properly is self occupied by original allottee.

It has been noticed that the flats/property owner which has sold or let out their property, are also claiming the extra rebate of 15% while they are not entitled for the same. It is advised to the tax payer, who is claiming the 15% extra rebate, should produce and undertaking declaring therein that he is the original allottee of flat/prop. And the property has neither been sold nor let out anyone and in case his decleration found incorrect , the additional rebate of 155 shall automatically be withdrawn. The prescribed proforma of decleration can be obtained from the office of Keshav Puram. Please note that while making the payment of property tax the claim of 15% extra rebate will not be entertained without producing such declaration .

It is further clarified that the additional rebate of 15% will be given on the amount after deduction of 20% rebate of timely payment e.g. if the bill amount is Rs.1000 /- after allowing 20% rebate it comes to be Rs.800 /-. The 15% rebate will be given on Rs.800 /- not on Rs. 1000 /-. Hence in this way the net rebate works out to be 32% not 52%.

For Ex-Service Man

In case of ex-serviceman MCD has announced a special rebate of 20% w.e.f. 2000-01 subject to a maximum limit of Rs.1000. in this case also the special rebate of 20% will be allowed on the amount arriving after deduction of 20% rebate of timely payment. In this way the net rebate worked out to 36% and not 40%.

The assessee of this category, while claiming the special rebate of 20% should submit the sufficient proof of their identity as ex-serviceman as well as an undertaking declaring therein that he has not been availing the benefit of special rebate on any property in Delhi and the property is self occupied.

The undersigned can be contacted for more clarification.

Dy./Asstt. Assessor & Collector
Keshav Puram Zone

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