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Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital
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Special OPD Clinics
S.No.SpecialtiesDaysRoom NoTimings
1. Antenatal Clinic Daily 9 A,C 9-4PM
2.Post Natal Clinic Daily 9 A,B 2-4PM
3.Well Baby Clinic Wednesday 21 2-4PM
Immunization clinic Daily 21 9-4PM
5.Post Ligation Clinic Friday 6 E 2-4PM
6.Infertility Clinic Monday  2-4PM
7.Diabetes/ Heart/Hypertension/Clinic Monday-Wednesday 6 F 2-4PM
8.Asthma Clinic (Adult) Friday 6 F 2-4PM
9.Asthma Clinic (Paed) Friday 21 2-4PM
10. Medical Review Clinic Monday, Wedesday 6 F 9-1PM
11. leprosy (LEP) Clinic Tuesday 23 C 2-4PM
12.Retina clinic Wednesday 20 2-4PM
13.Disability Clinic Monday, Friday 06 2-4PM
14.Cancer Clinic Tuesday, Friday9C,17 2-4PM
15.Dermatology Minor Operations  Theatre Procedures Wednesday, Thursday 23 D 2-3.30PM
16.Glaucoma clinic Friday 20 2-4PM
17.Speech Clinic Wednesday 17 9-1PM
18.Geriatric clinicEvery Sunday except polio day & Gazetted  Holiday 04,06,17A        9-1PM
19.Vertigo Clinic 4th Friday 172-4PM
20.Pediatric Hearing disorder Clinic Friday 17 9-4PM
21.Endoscopy Clinic (ENT) Friday 17 9-1PM
22.Adolescent Clinic Every Saturday 09 11-1PM
23.DOTS/TB Clinic Mon-Saturday 6 F 9-1PM
24.STI Counseling  ClinicDaily23 F1PM

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