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Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital
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Laboratory Services

Room No 18 Collection of samplesand main lab at 2nd floor in Ward block
Hematology: Hb%, TLC, DLC, ESR, Platelet count, Peripheral Smear,
Biochemistry : LFT, KFT, S. Uric Acid, S. Amylase, S. Cholesterol, Lipid Profile, Australia Antigen, Blood Sugar, Hepatitis B, Blood Group, RA factor,
Serology : HIV testing, Body Fluid Exam, Widal Test, VDRL, Australia Antigen,Hepatitis B, Body Fluid Exam.
Urine: Urine Pregnancy Test, Urine routine and culture
Stool Examination: Routine

Others: Semen Analysis, FNAC, Bone Marrow Aspiration

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