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A & U Tibbia College & Hospital
Message from Principal

Dear Friends,

I feel an  immense pleasure as principal to introduce the website of Ayurvedic  &   Unani  Tibbia College and  Hospital.

Ayurvedic   &  Unani  Tibbia College and Hospital is one of the  premier and reputed institute in India.

Hakim Mohammed Ajmal Khan (I868-1927)  proved to be the most outstanding and multifaceted personality of his era. His  contribution to the cause of India’s freedom, National integration and communal  harmony is matchless. He was a sound and far sighted statesman and an  educationist of highest caliber. Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College &  Hospital, in Delhi is a living and thriving memory of this great man. The  College foundation stone was  laid by  Lord Harding on 29th March, 1916 & inaugurated by  the Father of the Nation on  13th February 1921.
  The institution is imparting 5 ½ year  UG courses in both the streams having the intake capacity of 40 in each. And Post  graduate Courses in Kaya Chikitsa & Sharir kriya ( in Ayurveda) and  . Munaf- Ul Aza(Unani  Physiology). Ilm –us-  Saidla(Unani Pharmaceutical Science). Amraz-E-Niswan And Qabalat (Unani Gynaecology & Obstetrics)  Moalijat (Unani Medicine) in Unani .  The  college is affiliated to University of Delhi. . Annual intake is granted by  CCIM and AYUSH (Govt. of India).

Hospital services are providing to the needy people on OPD &  IPD basis. Apart from Ayurvedic and Unani OPDs other special OPDs  like Homeopathy, Dental, Geriatric and  Diabetic etc  are also serving to the  mankind in our premises only. Bed strength in hospital is 300. All the  facilities in the institution are free of cost to the public at the large.

In the coming academic year, the students in institution can also  look forward to wider range of opportunities to stretch themselves beyond  classroom through greater participations in seminar, re-orientation, medical  conferences etc. the teaching faculty is also working on existing curriculum to  sharpen the learning of our student in the academic area.

Our caring approach to the students ensure to produce doctors with  good human values, who have systemic approach to the patients and are sensitive  towards the problem faced by the patients.

Join us in our mission to make our institution a place where  excellence in teaching results in high academic achievement and enables the  students to realize personnel excellence at all level.


           Sanjay Gihar




Chief Minister
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Last Update :07-Jan-2016